Thursday, December 3, 2009


How can I not share this?

[pic removed, 12-31-09]

The Boy refused to budge from sleepyland and resisted all attempts to be wakened; so, Santa improvised, and isn't it just the darlingest pic? I also liked the fact that Santa had a Southern accent and was just the nicest guy around. We chatted for a bit and I had a nice time.

This excursion rocked because I just happened to hit a time when there was absolutely NO LINE. There were kids in front of us, but not many, and the lull happened just as I peeked to see if it was worth it. Got in, nobody behind us, got in and out without waiting. It was great.

Of course, I'll pay for this in the years to come when he's screechy and terrified and just the way the little three year old was in front of us. But today... well, sometimes you're just meant to be somewhere.

Tomorrow is his eight week checkup. I'll post more later.


Mrs H said...

Very adorable!! Yay for Santa! Enjoy the season:-)

hope548 said...

That is adorable. He is a beautiful little boy!!

dontcountyoureggs said...