Monday, December 7, 2009

Time's A-Flying

Last Wednesday night, I was having my me-time at Starbucks, addressing Christmas cards, and was updating my journal… well, at least my calendar. I looked, looked again, didn’t believe it… so I went to the paper stand where the last forlorn papers from that morning were sitting.

Yep, it sure was. It was Wednesday. Already. Where in the hell did the week go? I’m telling you, the most surprising thing about parenthood is how the time races when you’re not looking.

Wednesday. December 2. Already.


Not only is it December already, but The Boy is now eight weeks/two months old… and just too stinkin’ cute! Eleven pounds, one ounce.

And so strong! Our pediatrician was really impressed. I personally believe that he’d walk right out the door if his kneecaps were developed.

We got the minute entry last week saying that our finalization date is in April. I had hoped, as previously posted, that the court date would be earlier, but also was realistic about how chronically backed up the court system is. But, you know, six months for an adoption, from filing the Petition to finalization, is about right. I’m not complaining.

The good thing is that our case worker called not only to check in, but also to let us know that since The Boy was placed with us at birth, we're eligible under the new court rules for a 90 day hearing, which would bring us back to February. I'm having the office look at it.

I know I’m being ambitious by thinking of rolling his christening and the finalization celebration into one day. Why not, if we can finagle it? Thank God in the morning and party for joy in the afternoon.

Why not?

We’ll see. The best laid plans…

During a break in feeding him last week, I heard that dangerous little gurgle from below, and knew what he had done… But it was that beatific smile of relief on his little face afterwards that made me think, Uh Oh… and I was laughing at his most obvious pleasure that he’d had a bowel movement… now I know what my friends meant by “look out for that smile!”

So, I was cleaning him up, as it an impressive blowout… went to wash my hands, came back, grabbed another wipe just to make sure that he didn’t have the spitup residue on his skin, and also not smell like spitup (which had happened a few minutes before the blowout). My hand registered the coldness of the wipe, but I didn’t warm it in my hands first as I usually do.

When I put that cold wipe on his chest, he completely lost it. His infuriated reaction made me laugh so hard… happy and gurgly to supremely pissed off in .2 seconds! He was so pissed off! I was apologizing to him profusely – I didn’t mean to do it! – but I was laughing at him and his expression at the same time, and I about peed my pants. He’s so funny.

And I just melt when he does his chatters and coos and billygoats, and gives his little smiles; it’s just so beautiful. He is beautiful, and perfect. Truly a gift.

Naturally, I’d love to share pictures more than I do, but I’m sort of gun-shy about that. It’s not a new thought, and I really wish Blogger had the option to change the settings on individual posts so that I can share. I don't want to go completely private, so...

This is why I’ll be migrating over to at the New Year. The new site will have all the prior posts and comments, but they will give me the opportunity to share The Boy with those who have watched the journey from the beginning. It will give me the freedom to preserve his privacy and our own, yet allow me to share with those of you who have been here for the long haul. The criteria will be that one leaves a valid email address and also has a blog or website – not negotiable. I know I’ll lose some folks for those posts, but that’s what I have to do.

It will also be an amalgamation of this and my other blog; it won’t be just adoption topics. You’ll get to hear me blather on about current events, occasional politics, football (and specifically the Dallas Cowboys… yeah, I know, I know), religion, home life, everyday happenings, cooking, and so on.

I won’t be deleting anything here so it will remain a source for those who are on the start of their journey… paying it forward, if you will. I just can’t run two blogs at the same time anymore.

Okay, going to run and give The Boy some tummy time. Happy Shopping!

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