Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Thoughts, Holiday Style

Tree up, check.
Stockings, check.
Shopping… mostly done.
Laundry… riiiiight
Feeling festive? Not really.

This is the second year we haven’t had a Christmas party. Last year we went to Vail during Christmas week, and there was no way I was going to try and pull off a party and have everything ready to go for a week away, on top of the money issue. This year, an even better reason to defer – The Boy – but it still feels weird. My heart hasn’t been into dolling up the house since nobody’s really going to see it.

I have always been one to have a lights extravaganza in the front yard; this year, I have no energy or time. I usually have lights all up in the trees, here, there, and everywhere. This year? I have the nativity up and some basic lights, nothing more.

And I’ve been in a blue zone, too. (and yeah, that’s going to be my new Internet home, take a look).

It feels weird. I don’t feel like myself, and I want to snap out of it.

On the other hand, we have the greatest reason in the world to celebrate. If someone had told me at the end of last year that not only was I going to have a couple of dream destinations fulfilled (DC and Ireland), but that we would be parents by this time this year, I would have told them to GTFO and GBTW, EABOD and… yeah. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that The Boy would be here, our lives changed forever, the center of happiness and celebration and light.

Side note: at this very moment, I have put The Boy down on his stomach… he HATES HATES HATES it, with the power of a thousand exploding suns. He needs to do it, for his neck and upper body strength and other wild hair reasons. Any suggestions? I do have the surfboard, but I think it props him more than it forces him to hold his head up. The back of his head is getting a bald spot and I think it’s getting flat, too. Poor kid.

It’s amazing I have to think about that. I never thought that I would be thinking about tummy time, formula, diapers and just the thought of travelling with an infant, and sleeplessness and the incredible journey that this has been. My heart melts when DH is chanting “peanutbutter-jellllllly, peanutbutter-jellllllllly!” while holding The Boy in the air, or just camping with him on the couch while watching a movie. And, while it’s irritating and obnoxious in her shrill NJ voice, I take pride in MIL saying to The Boy over and over, “it’s graaaandmawww” (the look on his face when she practically yells that in his face is priceless), mostly because I was beginning to think that the day would never come.

I am relieved that while he had a really rough start in his first week, he is perfectly healthy. However, I despise that stupid growth percentile that pediatricians foist on parents from the first visit – while The Boy is 8 days older than his cousin J, he was born three pounds lighter and with birth issues, and has continued to be three pounds behind as they both begin their third month of life. That will even out as they both journey into their first year – so why be crazy about it? Why give nervous nelly parents more fuel for neuroses? I just don’t care; I’m happy no matter how tall he turns out or whatever, as long as he’s healthy.

I love my goofy little boy. :)


Mrs H said...

How can it possibly be going on three months already!

Hug your baby for me.

Have a wonderful holiday season :-)

BB said...

I always got down in R's face and made a complete idiot of myself (as usual) to entertain her and keep her from screaming. That and flashing lights and sounds. It didn't always work.

Actually, we didn't do tummy time all too often. R really preferred to just sit up and face out, and since she had to use her neck muscles a lot then, I figured it was good enough for the most part. She has been pretty advanced developmenally too, so it didn't hurt her.

Miss. Candy said...

Oooo the flat bald spot, I remember those days!!! lol!

hope548 said...

My kiddo hated tummy time at first too. It helped him learn to roll from his stomach to his back. Try putting toys in front of him that he likes to look at. You'll probably just have to be patient. I remember worrying that I didn't do enough tummy time because he hated it so much, but it all worked out.

I hope you get a little more holiday spirit and enjoy the holidays as a mom!

Erica said...

Oh I LOVE reading about all your adventures in mommy-land. :) I am TOTALLY on the same page with you as far as the Christmas decorating...normally I go all out but all my enegry is going elsewhere. Next year, I'll get back on track (hoepfully).

Tummy time...we do it on the bed with a Boppy and he likes it. He pretty much holds his head up all the time now and when we play on the boppy, he is content for between 15-30 minutes. When we first started, I just let him lay on it until he got fussy and then we stopped. We've been doing tummy-time for about two months. I haven't tried the surf board thing...but the Boppy works for us.


Maru said...

M hated tummy time at first. Now she loves it. For the bald flat spot, try putting him to sleep on his side. M has the bald spot - that's inevitable, since they get it too from sitting on an infant seat, car seat, etc. - but you can reduce the risk of a flat head by alternating sides when you put him down to sleep. Now, that's my $0.02! ;o)